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Vietnamese  transaction name:  Công ty TNHH Phát triển Cộng đồng Đô thị & Nông thôn
English transaction: Urban & Rural Community Development Co., Ltd.
Abbreviation: URCOM, Co.,Ltd
Head Office Address: No.14, Alley 193/220/67 Block 17, Phu Dien Road, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Telephone: 04.62917839
Email: info.urcom@gmail.com
The Urban & Rural Community Development Co.,Ltd. was established on 1st December 2015 according to Enterprise Code No.0107150368 issued by Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment

URCOM specializes in the sector of consultancy in architecture – construction; surveying, researching, reviewing, assessment and evaluation; training & capacity building; public outreach & awareness raising; environment; community development; local branding.

URCOM provides various types of services including: training, consultancy, surveying, researching, community based evaluation and reviewing, community development via intervention projects/initiatives/actions, community based public outreach, technical consultancy in urban – rural construction/management/development, trading and social economic cooperation between Vietnamese organizations and their partners/stakeholders nationwide or internationally.
Urban Architecture, Planning, Development
Researching/studying, capacity building/training in urban development
Consultancy of urban upgrading
Consultancy of urban planning, new rural development
Consultancy of designing, executing interior/exterior of civil works, public amenities, buildings, houses, etc.
Surveying, Researching, Evaluating
Formulating, updating frameworks, tools of  evaluating
Social surveying, collecting data for inputs to researches, assessment, evaluation
Concepting options for intervention (planning for baseline data collection , community upgrading, action plans for resettlement, etc.)
Consultancy in formulating community based local economic development strategies
Consultancy in city/local branding
Training, capacity building
Implementing Training Need Assessments
Designing, implementing training courses/programs, organizing in – country/oversea coaching, study tours, exchange visit activities
Public communication, awareness raising
Need Assessments in public relations/communication, awareness raising
Formulating Communication Strategies/Action Plans
Organizing awareness raising campaigns
Information Education Trainings for communities (IEC)
Assisting local governments in networking, fund raising
Assisting local governments in participating to oversea trainings/coaching activities
Implementing Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), climate change assessments for urban/rural development projects/programs
Environmental monitoring for effective solutions to environmental impacts
Local Economic Development
Local Economic Development Strategic Planning
Local branding, promotion
Consultancy in city branding work
Networking, fund raising for local economic development of local governments


URCOM team members, with strong expertise and professional experience, have been implementing development projects so as to support local communities/governments/authorities in local governance, community development, local economic development, gender equality, participatory/community based adaption to climate change. URCOM network of advisors/professionals includes high-ranking experts with expertise in local governance, urban/rural planning/management/development, urban/rural technical infrastructure, social economics, health care, education, environment, that shows strong advantages in development project implementation.

Chart of Organizational Structure


The URCOM Network of professionals, advisors includes those who work as lecturers/trainers, researchers, project actors in different local/national/international organizations, academies, institutes, universities, NGOs. Their scopes of work cover most of development parts of development sector including: urban/rural construction, planning, management, development, infrastructural management (water supply, sewerage, environment, transportation, agriculture, forestry, sociology, legislation, economic finance, local governance, public policy, community health care etc).
Beside the full time team of employees, a network of Young Professionals – YP (Talented) with members who are architects, engineers, social workers from institutes, academies, universities, local/national/international NGOs was initiated by the URCOM. These YP members are engaged in our consultancy activities in designing, reviewing, researching, surveying, training, communication, local branding activities.

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Tel: 04 6291 7839/ Email us: info.urcom@gmail.com

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